Don’t forget the inspection! service can help! Please, leave your information as a private or business customer, and we will remind you of the upcoming inspection a few weeks before the final inspection date of your vehicle. You may also win a gift card!

Subscribe to an inspection reminder
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An eco-friendlier electronic reminder

When you subscribe to an electronical vehicle inspection reminder, you reduce the number of notices printed on paper. The electronic reminder link gives you convenient access to booking an appointment!

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Which vehicles can receive a reminder?

We send reminders to customers who have a car, van, camper, moped car, heavy vehicle or a quad bike. Trailers are not included in the regular reminders. (Those who have restricted the disclosure of their data to Traficom cannot receive an inspection reminder for their vehicles.)

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Uninspected vehicle is banned from use in traffic

Please know that if a vehicle inspection has not been carried out by the last scheduled time, the vehicle is banned from use in traffic. If this happens, the vehicle cannot be used in traffic and can only be driven for an inspection that has been booked in advance.

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A reminder for a vehicle inspection is free of charge

Joining the reminder list will not cost you anything and will not oblige you to do anything. You can unsubscribe at any time by following the instructions included with the reminder message.

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We will not send you spam!

In addition to the vehicle inspection reminder, we may also send you information and offers related to vehicle inspections and driving. We use your customer data responsibly and only send messages a few times a year.

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Participate in the draw

You can win a free vehicle inspection! Between those who subscribe to receive vehicle inspection reminders and leave their postal address, we will draw winners of vehicle inspection gift cards.

It's nice to be reminded that the time for a vehicle inspection is approaching. Otherwise, I'd forget!

– Inspection customer, Rauma