Here you can find a collection of some frequently asked questions and the most common answers. Check out the A-Katsastus information videos as well. (Videos are in Finnish.)

Frequently asked questions

Vehicle inspections and statutory measuring
Registrations, insurance, licence plates
Car equipment and free additional services
Autotohtori service and other services
Licensing services and driving examinations

A-Katsastus’ nationwide appointment booking number can help with any questions you have about booking an appointment. Registration and vehicle inspection advice is provided on-site at the stations that provide these services. Advice is not given by phone or e-mail. You are welcome to visit a service point and ask any questions you might have. Ajovarma’s customer service can assist with matters related to driving licences and driving examinations, as well as the handling of road traffic permits, by telephone or e-mail.

Helpful videos from A-Katsastus

You can find informational videos on A-Katsastus’ YouTube channel about various matters related to vehicle inspections, registrations, vehicle license plates and scrapping a vehicle. (Videos are in Finnish.)

A-Katsastus advices videos (You Tube)