You can make an appointment for inspection services on our website or by phone through our national appointment booking number. Please not, that our booking service in the web operates in Finnish or Swedish only.

Vehicles within the scope of online scheduling

On our online service, you can make an appointment for inspection services

  • for passenger cars and vans
  • for a moped car and quad bikes (quadricycles)
  • for campers (max 5 tons)
  • for trucks and busses (max 5 tons)

It is not possible to reserve time online for cars that weight over 5 tonnes or for trailers of categories O3 and O4, motorcycles or tractors. Modification inspections and special inspections cannot be booked online either. In these cases, please contact our national appointment booking.
Booking and customer service

Autotohtori vehicle condition inspection

An Autotohtori appointment can only be booked for cars and vans with a maximum total mass of 3500 kg. Check out the page:
Autotohtori service

Vehicle inspections for leasing cars

Check the inspection and payment policies of your leasing company and visit this page:
Leasing car inspection

Booking an appointment

To get started, enter your license plate number and select the type of your vehicle and the service(s) you want to use. If you are booking an inspection and you have a valid certificate of statutory measuring, you can remove them from the appointment later. Until confirmed, you can pause the booking process at any point with the Cancel booking button.

Select the service point that suits you by entering the city, address, or station name and press Search. You can also use your location to get to the nearest station. Select the desired point and press Select time. You can browse the available times. If you book a cheaper Etuaika for inspection, note that it requires payment in advance online. Etuaika inspection times cannot be combined with other discounts/promotions. Occasionally, you may also come across promotional prices that are lower than the normal price. These do not require advance payment necessarily. Promotional prices cannot be combined with other discounts/offers, either.

Once you’ve selected a time, you’ll see a summary of the booked appointment. If you are booking an appointment for inspection, the system automatically selects the statutory measuring the vehicle requires. If you have carried out or plan to have these measuring carried out elsewhere by the time of the inspection, you can remove them from the appointment. You will then need to bring a valid certificate for emissions measuring that has been carried out elsewhere. Visit this page:
Statutory measuring

On the contact page, fill in at least your name and phone number in order to receive a booking confirmation and notifications of possible any changes. The contact information allows us to contact you if we need to reschedule your appointment for any reason. You can also subscribe to a reminder when your next inspection is scheduled.

Please double-check the details and confirm the reservation. If necessary, you can delete services by using the Delete links in the Reserved services section.

Booking confirmation and booking ID

On the booking confirmation page, you’ll see a booking ID that allows you to change the booked appointment later. You’ll also receive a booking confirmation to the email address you provided.

Paying in advance

You can pay in advance. It’ll make your visit quicker. The cheaper Etuaika timeslots for vehicle inspections that are booked online must be paid for in advance. Our payment service is provided by Paytrail. All Finnish banks are available as payment options. Your bank statement or credit card statement will state Paytrail as the recipient of the payment.

Payment at the service point

At our service points, we accept payments with Finnish bank cards, most common credit and debit cards, and cash payments. Appointments for inspections with normal prices can be paid for either in advance or at the service point.


The actual sales receipt is available at the service point at the time of the service. A booking confirmation sent by e-mail about the inspection is not, for example, a valid receipt for the tax authorities.

Changing/cancelling an appointment

You can search for your appointment for the inspection services by entering your last name and the booking ID. You can change the service point, time, or both, and pay for or cancel a reservation.

Please note that a prepaid inspection can only be changed for a timeslot that has the same or a lower price. If you have booked and paid for a normal inspection time and change it to a cheaper time, the price difference will not be refunded. If you want to cancel a prepaid time, please contact our customer service.

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Frequently asked guestions

Here you can find a collection of some frequently asked questions and the most common answers.

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Vehicle inspection and registration advice

Registration and vehicle inspection counselling is only available at the service points that provide these services.

Vehicle inspection and registration advice