Ajovarma - examiner and driver dandidate
The aim of the driving test is to ensure that the person applying for a driving licence is able to act as a responsible driver and take safety, social and ecological issues into account.

Driving safely and smoothly

The driver candidate’s ability to control the vehicle and drive safely and smoothly in traffic is assessed in all situations. The examiner makes the decision to either accept or reject the driving test. The candidate is informed of the decision at the beginning of the final discussion. The decision is based on the candidate’s overall performance during the driving test. The overall assessment consists of four areas, which according to Traficom’s driving test guidelines are as follows:

1. Handling and controlling the vehicle

The candidate

  • has the vehicle and its direction, speed and space requirements under control
  • understands the risks associated with handling and controlling the vehicle and their personal responsibility for their actions in this area
  • is able to use all controls and safety equipment of the vehicle and understands their responsibility for passenger safety
  • is familiar with an economic and ecological driving technique and vehicle operation

2. Consideration for road users

The candidate

  • is adept at interacting with other road users
  • complies with the rules of the road and traffic control systems, maintains sufficient safety distances, and behaves flexibly and considerately towards other road users
  • pays particular attention topedestrians and cyclists as vulnerable groups and also acts to promote safety in challenging, high-risk conditions

3. Anticipating and controlling traffic situations

The candidate

  • actively observes what is going on in traffic and other road users’ intentions, and their own actions are predictable
  • regulates their driving speed, allowing themselves time to identify any risks and hazards and to select the correct actions to avoid danger.
  • is able to promote the safety and smooth running of traffic and reduce negative impacts on the environment by anticipating traffic situations

4. Controlled action by the candidate

The candidate

  • identifies hazards and risks caused by their skills, their actions and their social environment and controls these risks, allowing the candidate to remain calm and focus on performing the driving task correctly as well as drive responsibly and independently

Special features

The special features of different driving licence categories are also taken into account in the driving test. For example, in the case of heavier vehicles, particular attention will be paid to identifying the hazards associated with the size of the vehicle or the driving task, among other things.

You can find Traficom’s complete driving test guidelines via the link below.

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Traficom's video about driving test

Traficom has released a video related to the driver’s license examination (in Finnish), which explains how to prepare for the test and what happens during it. You can watch the video on Traficom’s YouTube channel.

 Näin valmistaudut ajokokeeseen -video (YouTube)