An A-Katsastus inspector examining the underside of a vehicle.

Versatile service from A-Katsastus

Welcome to A-Katsastus. We serve all your vehicle inspection and registration needs. Most of our service points also sell car equipment.

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Time to get your car inspected?

Come to A-Katsastus! We'll check your car’s condition to make sure you won’t encounter any problems when you are on the road. You can find cheaper vehicle inspection timeslots through the appointment booking.

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Easy registration and insurance

We will handle your vehicle registration and insurance conveniently and quickly. Find out which of our service points offer these services.

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Driving licences and road traffic licences

Ajovarma handles driving examinations and road traffic permit applications at the same premises with A-Katsastus in almost 100 localities.

Driving licences and permits
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An A-Katsastus inspector and the customer examine the inspection result.

How can I prepare for a vehicle inspection?

You can contribute to your vehicle passing the inspection by fixing minor faults before the inspection. Make sure to take care of these things before the inspection!

Preparing for a vehicle inspection
A car scanned by a car doctor

Our car doctors can tell the actual condition of a car

Purchase a car safely. A-Katsastus’ Autotohtori vehicle inspection is carried out by an expert and provides a thorough and unbiased evaluation of the vehicle’s condition. (For cars and vans with a maximum gross weight of 3500 kg.)

  79 €  when carried out at the same time as the inspection (incl. statutory measuring)

Autotohtori service
Employee of A-Katsastus Group.

A-Katsastus Group as an employer

High quality customer service is the basis of our operations, and we believe that a good customer experience is the result of a good employee experience. Skilled and motivated employees are the most important asset of our company.

A-Katsastus Group as an employer
I took my first car to a vehicle inspection for the first time and I was a bit nervous, but the guys who carried out the inspection were really nice :)

– Customer from Mikkeli