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All Ajovarma service points offer services for commercial traffic. For example, you can order a driver card and a professional qualification card if the required certificates can be found in the information systems. Make your visit go smoother by booking an appointment in advance. We always serve customers with appointments first.

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Ajovarma accepts commercial traffic applications in all its licensing service points.

Commercial traffic services at all service points

Ajovarma acts as a service provider for Traficom and receives commercial traffic applications at all licensing service points in Finland. For example, you can apply for a driver card or professional qualification card at Ajovarma if the required certificates can be found in information systems. At all our service points, it is also possible to complete professional qualification examinations for truck, bus, ADR and taxi drivers, as well as traffic entrepreneurship examinations.

How to visit

You should make an appointment in advance. Submit your filled permit application to a service advisor at Ajovarma’s service point. Forms can be found at all service points and should be filled in before your turn. Cards are always mailed to the customer’s home address.

Traficom’s road traffic website provides the information needed for applications on issues related to professional transport, such as professional qualifications, driving licences for taxi drivers, digital tachograph cards and other transport licences.

Professional drivers (Traficom)
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You can find the offices of Ajovarma at the same premises as A-Katsastus in almost 100 locations. Please note that vehicle handling tests, for example, may be carried out in a different location than where the local Ajovarma is.

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Nationwide appointment booking

You can make an appointment regarding applications, competence requirements and examinations in professional transport in advance online or at the nationwide customer service.

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Driving test assessment

The driving tests are always assessed as a whole that consists of four focus areas. In the case of heavy-duty vehicles, special features, such as the size of the vehicle or the driving task, are also taken into account.

How is the driving test assessed?
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Instructions for online booking

Looking for more detailed instructions on how to book an appointment online?

Instructions on how to make an appointment with Ajovarma
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Traficom's advisory service regarding professional competence and examinations in professional transport

If you have questions about competence requirements and examinations in professional transport, please contact Traficom’s customer service.

Traficom's customer service