The chassis of the vehicle is being investigated.

When should a vehicle be inspected?

The vehicle can be brought in for inspection at any time. However, the vehicle inspection must be carried out no later than the date specified for the vehicle. You can check the last possible date of your vehicle inspection from Trafcom’s online service.

When should a vehicle be brought in for inspection?
An A-Katsastus inspector and the customer examine the inspection result.

Check these things before the inspection!

By fixing the minor defects before the vehicle inspection, you can avoid receiving requests for repairs or, even, your vehicle not passing the inspection. Check these 10 things before the vehicle inspection!

Preparing for a vehicle inspection
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A-Katsastus advices -videos

Is it possible to get more time for a post-inspection if I come and show the repaired defects at times? What is the difference between a prohibition of use in traffic and a driving ban? Check out our YouTube channel’s advice videos about various matter related to inspections, registrations, scrapping a vehicle and license plates.

A-Katsastus advices -videos in Finnish (YouTube)
Vehicle inspection results icon

The vehicle inspection result is entered in the vehicle inspection certificate

Usually, the customer wants their vehicle to pass the inspection. However, the task of the inspector is to find defects in the vehicles so that they do not pose a risk in traffic. Sometimes it means being requested to repair something, or a vehicle not passing the inspection, or, in serious cases, an immediate driving ban. What should be done if that happens?

 Vehicle inspection results