The prices include 24% VAT, except for registration fees, which are not subject to VAT. Additionally, the inspection fees include Traficom’s regulatory fee of €2.73 (incl. VAT 24%). If you have a promotional code, enter it at the beginning of booking an appointment to see the discounted prices.

Looking for inspection prices for passenger cars or vans?

Our prices vary by service point and time. You can find all of our service points and the prices for periodic inspections and statutory measuring at any specific service point with the service point search tool.

Periodic inspections, follow-up inspections, statutory measuring

Cars and vansOur prices vary by service point and time. You can find all of our service points and the prices for periodic inspections and statutory measuring at any specific service point with the service point search tool and when you book an appointment. We also offer cheaper vehicle inspection timeslots for cars and vans for customers who book an appointment online. These times must be booked and paid for in advance online and they are limited.
Lease carsIf you are a contract customer of LeasePlan, ALD, Fleet Innovation or Arval, you can book an appointment at our service point as usual, or you can arrive without an appointment. After the inspection, we will issue an invoice at the checkout and send it to your leasing company. If you are a customer of other leasing companies, you should check the payment policy for vehicle inspections with your leasing company. If the vehicle inspection is urgent, you can make an appointment at our service point or come without an appointment and pay for the inspection yourself. You can check the payment policies later and collect the paid sum back from your leasing company against a receipt if the inspection is part of your contract. A leasing customer does not need separate documents for the visit. The car’s owner information can be found based on the licence plate number.
Heavy-duty vehiclesFor more information on inspection prices for heavy-duty vehicles, please contact our nationwide appointment booking number: +358 (0)75 323 2222.
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Which vehicle can I book a cheaper vehicle inspection timeslot for?

Find more information on cheaper vehicle inspection timeslots by watching an informational video by A-Katsastus. (Video is in Finnish.)

A-Katsastus advises – Cheaper vehicle inspection timeslots

Ole hyvä ja hyväksy markkinointievästeet katsoaksesi videon.

Autotohtori car condition inspection

A thorough and objective assessment of the car’s condition, carried out by an expert, duration approx. 60 minutes. Available for cars, vans and campers (maximum weight 3500 kg).

Autotohtori service99.00
Autotohtori service with a periodic inspection79.00


VAT 0%. Regulatory fees are not subject to VAT.

Vehicle registration plate5.50
Registration plate to replace a lost or damaged one7.50
Registration notification without appendix8.50
Registration notification with appendix19.00
Print of registration certificate (parts I and II)8.50
Copy of technical part8.50
Transfer permit15.00
Print of a technical part of registration certificate0
Decommissioning from19.00
Commissioning for traffic 0

Special inspections

Registration inspection for a damaged vehicle 190.00
Registration inspection for an EU type-approved vehicle 159.00
Extensive registration inspection280.00
Modification inspectionThe price varies by service point. Check the price from our nationwide customer service, tel. 075 323 2222 or contact us via the Feedback form.
Vehicle pick up inspection€50 (maximum distance 20 km in one direction) plus service point specific vehicle inspection + statutory emissions measurement fee. Only for passenger cars and vans max. 3500 kg. Only available at some service points.

Looking for the prices of driving licenses or road traffic permits?

You can find them in a separate price list.

 Driving examination and permit prices
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How can I pay for my visit?

We accept Finnish bank cards, most common credit and debit cards, and cash payments. You can also pay in advance for the services you have booked online. Cheaper vehicle inspection times always require an advance payment. Our online payment service is provided by Checkout. Choose the payment method that’s right for you from a variety of options.