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Ajovarma operates as a contract partner of the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom everywhere in Finland. We accept driver examinations and road traffic permit applications at approximately 100 service points, which are, for the most part, at the same location with A-Katsastus. Having an appointment makes your visit swifter. Customers with a scheduled appointment will be served first.

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The overall assessment of driving test consists four areas according to Traficom’s driving test guidelines.

Ajovarma is Traficom’s contract partner

Ajovarma acts as Traficom’s contract partner and accepts driving examinations, driving licence applications and other road traffic permit applications.

How to visit

You should make an appointment in advance. Submit your filled permit application to a service advisor at Ajovarma’s service point. Forms can be found at all service points, and it is good to fill in your form before your turn. Cards and disabled parking passes are always mailed to the customer’s home. A motorcycle training permit is an exception. You can receive this permit immediately.

You can find the necessary information on the conditions for taking the examination, driving licence categories, and equipment and documents required for examinations at Traficom’s website. The forms can also be filled in digitally. (Not all forms are available in digital form but must be filled in by visiting Ajovarma’s service point on-site.) in English (Traficom)
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Ajovarma’s offices are mainly located at the same premises with A-Katsastus. Please note that handling tests, for example, may be conducted in a different location than where Ajovarma’s office is located.

Service points and prices
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Nationwide appointment booking

You can make an appointment on driving licences, driving examinations and road traffic licensing services in advance online or at the nationwide customer service.

Booking and customer service
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Traficom's advisory service for driving licences and other licence matters

If you have questions concerning driving licences, driving examinations or other personal licences for road transport, please, contact Traficom's customer service.

Traficom's customer service
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Driving test assessment

The decision on whether or not the candidate passes the driving test is based on the candidate’s overall performance during the driving test. Four areas are assessed in the driving test in accordance with Traficom’s driving test guidelines.

How is the driving test assessed?
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How to make an appointment online

Looking for more detailed instructions on how to make an appointment online?

Instructions on how to make an appointment with Ajovarma