The theory test participant.
The theory test aims to ensure that the person taking the driving test has sufficient information and knowledge to function as a responsible driver.

Knowledge of traffic rules and the ability to perceive traffic risks and hazardous situations

The theory test is taken electronically at one of Ajovarma’s service points. The questions in the theory test are determined according to the driving license category being taken. The response time per test is 30 minutes. It is not allowed to have mobile phones, headphones, or any other communication equipment or storage media in the room where the theory test is held.

The theory test can also be taken orally with an extended response time (60 minutes) if certain language or health conditions are met. In some situations, the theory test can be taken with the assistance of an interpreter.

The person taking the driving test must demonstrate their knowledge by answering questions, which may be verbal multiple-choice questions, image-based questions about traffic situations, or risk identification questions related to identifying dangerous situations and avoiding risks. The questions are based on the content of road traffic and vehicle legislation and regulations issued under these laws, as well as general principles of road traffic.

After completing the driving test, the person has the right to receive feedback via email or as a printout from the service provider. The electronic system checks the answers and provides the test result. The number of correct answers is decisive in the theory test. If the number of correct answers is below the required amount for a specific part of the test, the theory test for that category is failed. Each driving license category taken is assessed as a separate entity.

You can find Traficom’s instructions for driver examinations in their entirety via the link below.

How to prepare for the theory test (
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Traficom's video about Theory Test

Traficom has released a video discussing the theory test, explaining how to prepare for the test and what happens during it. Familiarize yourself with the video on Traficom’s YouTube channel (in Finnish).

 Näin valmistaudut teoriakokeeseen -videon (YouTube)