A woman is smiling from a window of a car.
A-Katsastus and OP provide instalment financing for car sales between private individuals.

Funding and protection for car sales between private individuals

You can get OP’s Hire purchase financing for a vehicle that is to be purchased from a private individual. You can not get OP’S Hire purchase financing for a vehicle already owned by a financing company.

During the same visit, you can smoothly sign the financing offer, that you have pre-filled online, as well as the paperwork of the car trade with the assistance of a service advisor from A-Katsastus. A-Katsastus’ impartial expert will verify the car and take a couple of pictures of it. The Hire purchase financing is granted by OP Yrityspankki Oyj and the car’s verification and paperwork for financing is carried out by A-Katsastus Oy. A-Katsastus is not a party to the trade.

A vehicle insurance including a financial security (rahoituskasko, financial casco) is mandatory what comes to hire purchase financing and it is taken care of at A-Katsastus during the same visit. Furthermore the signing of the deed and registration matters will be handled for you at A-Katsastus. All owner’s of the vehicle need to be present when signing the deed. A power of attorney or mandate is prohibited to prevent cases of misconduct.

Buyers of vehicles, please note:

  • Go to OP’s website and fill in a preliminary financing offer, before you book a time at A-Katsastus
  • Carry a photo ID, banking codes and means to access your internet bank
  • The buyer of the car must carry a valid driver’s licence

Sellers of vehicles, please note: 

  • Carry a photo ID, banking codes and means to access your internet bank for a possible down payment as well as to creating a digital certificate on Traficom
  • Bring your bank account number

Book a time for OP Hire purchase financing!

You need to have a financing offer ready and applied for before you book a time at A-Katsastus. A vehicle insurance including financial security is mandatory and will be carried out on location as part of the transaction. Book a time via the enclosed link or make an appointment by phone via the nationwide appointment.

Service offered at following service points
A-Katsastus Espoo-Hannuksenpelto
A-Katsastus Eura
A-Katsastus Forssa-Viksbergintie
A-Katsastus Helsinki-Tullinpuomi
A-Katsastus Hämeenlinna
A-Katsastus Iisalmi-Pitkälahdenkatu
A-Katsastus Joensuu-Voimatie
A-Katsastus Jyväskylä-Kuormaajantie
A-Katsastus Järvenpää-Mikontie
A-Katsastus Kajaani-Varistie
A-Katsastus Kauhajoki
A-Katsastus Kemi-Paattio
A-Katsastus Kotka-Metsola
A-Katsastus Kouvola-Tommolankatu
A-Katsastus Kurikka
A-Katsastus Lahti-Hennala
A-Katsastus Lahti-Laune
A-Katsastus Lappeenranta-Katsastajankatu
A-Katsastus Lohja
A-Katsastus Mikkeli-Ratakatu
A-Katsastus Oulu-Rusko
A-Katsastus Pieksämäki-Niilontie
Ajovarma Pori
A-Katsastus Porvoo-Teollisuustie
A-Katsastus Rovaniemi-Teollisuustie
A-Katsastus Salo-Perämiehenkatu
A-Katsastus Suomussalmi
A-Katsastus Tammisaari
A-Katsastus Tampere-Hervanta
A-Katsastus Turku-Uhrilähteenkatu
A-Katsastus Vaasa-Rantamaantie
A-Katsastus Vantaa-Kehä III
A-Katsastus Varkaus-Käsityökatu