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A-Katsastus and OP provide instalment financing for car sales between private individuals.

Funding and protection for car sales between private individuals

You can get OP’s Car Finance for a car to be purchased from a private individual. The car’s verification for financing, the financing agreement and the car sale documents connected to the service are carried out at A-Katsastus. A-Katsastus’ impartial expert will verify the car and take a couple of pictures of it.

During the same visit, you can smoothly take care of the financing agreement, insurance and registration as well as the paperwork of the car trade with the assistance of a service advisor from A-Katsastus. The Car Finance is granted by OP Yrityspankki Oyj and the car’s verification and paperwork for financing is carried out by A-Katsastus Oy. A-Katsastus is not a party to the trade.

You can book a time for OP Car Finance -service via our website or by contacting our customer service. To book a time via phone, please contact our time booking service by phone 075 323 2222.

Please note the following:

  • Before booking a time at our station, please go to OP’s website and fill in a preliminary financing offer, so you can be fairly sure as to qualifying for an installment payment.
  • The seller must own the vehicle. A car owned by a finance company is not eligible for OP’s instalment funding. All car owners must be involved in the transaction. In order to prevent misconduct, a power of attorney cannot be used.
  • Both the seller and the buyer must carry a photo ID and be present at the same time.
  • The buyer of the car must carry a valid driving licence.
  • The car’s buyer should bring their bank information and access to the online bank for a possible down payment.
  • The seller of the car should bring their bank information for the purpose of creating a certificate. The financed share is paid into the seller’s account by OP Yrityspankki Oyj.

Read more on OP’s website.

Service offered at following stations
A-Katsastus Espoo-Hannuksenpelto
A-Katsastus Helsinki-Tullinpuomi
A-Katsastus Iisalmi-Pitkälahdenkatu
A-Katsastus Joensuu-Voimatie
A-Katsastus Jyväskylä-Kuormaajantie
A-Katsastus Järvenpää-Mikontie
A-Katsastus Kajaani-Varistie
A-Katsastus Kotka-Metsola
A-Katsastus Kouvola-Tommolankatu
A-Katsastus Lahtis-Laune
A-Katsastus Lappeenranta-Katsastajankatu
A-Katsastus Oulu-Rusko
A-Katsastus Tampere-Hervanta
A-Katsastus Turku-Uhrilähteenkatu
A-Katsastus Vaasa-Rantamaankatu
A-Katsastus Vantaa-Kehä III
A-Katsastus Varkaus-Käsityökatu
Hire purchase for car transactions between private individuals (OP)