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Some of our service points also register boats. You can make an appointment via nationwide appointment booking.

A view from the boat to the lake.
Some of A-Katsastus’ service points also register watercrafts.

We also register boats

The watercraft register includes sailboats or motorboats with a hull length of at least 5.5 metres. Watercrafts must also be entered in the register if the power declared by the manufacturer is equal to or greater than 15 kw, i.e. more than 20 hp. Other watercrafts with machinery, such as jet skis, and watercrafts owned by the state and municipalities are also subject to the registration requirement.

Our service points do not insure boats.

Boats are registered in the following locations:

Espoo (Ajovarma Espoo, Hannuksenpelto 14 A)
Hyvinkää (Ajovarma Hyvinkää, Helletorpankatu 31 C)
Imatra (Imatran Autokatsastus, Sukkulakatu 13)
Joensuu (Ajovarma Joensuu, Voimatie 3)
Jyväskylä (Ajovarma Jyväskylä, Kuormaajantie 2 A)
Kaarina (A-Katsastus Kaarina, Hallimestarinkatu 14)
Kemi (Ajovarma Kemi, Varikonkatu 23)
Kokkola (Ajovarma Kokkola, Mestarintie 6)
Kotka (Ajovarma Kotka, Pulttikatu 9)
Kuopio (A-Katsastus-Siikalahti, Teollisuuskatu 10)
Kuopio (Ajovarma Kuopio, Savilahdentie 12)
Kuopio (Pohjois-Savon Katsastus, Kallantie 7)
Lahti (A-Katsastus Lahti-Laune, Laatukatu 20)
Lappeenranta (Ajovarma Lappeenranta, Katsastajankatu 6)
Lappeenranta (Autokatsastus Lappeenranta, Paalukatu 9)
Lohja (Ajovarma Lohja, Lehmijärventie 4)
Mikkeli (Etelä-Savon Katsastus, Uusitie 3)
Oulu (Ajovarma Oulu, Konetie 4)
Pieksämäki (A-Katsastus Pieksämäki, Niilontie 6)
Pietarsaari  (A-Katsastus Pietarsaari-Varikonkatu, Varikonkatu 5)
Porvoo (Ajovarma Porvoo, Teollisuustie 18)
Savonlinna (Itä-Savon Katsastus, Asematie 21)
Varikonkatu 5)
Siilinjärvi (Katsastusasema Guru, Aholantie 4)
Tampere (Ajovarma Tampere, Ahertajankatu 2)
Tornio (Ajovarma Tornio, Torpinkatu 17)
Vaasa (Ajovarma Vaasa, Rantamaantie 40 A)
Varkaus (Keski-Savon Katsastus, Leijukuja 8)