A-Katsastuksen vanhat työ- ja suojavaatteet kierrätetään mahdollisimman kattavasti.

A-Katsastus and Image Wear Oy have started a collaboration in which the old work and protective clothing of the A-Katsastus group’s staff is recycled as comprehensively as possible. Kierre® recycling composite is made from clothes that are not suitable for reuse and it can be used in replacement of wood, such as in outdoor furniture.

Kierre® material is long-lasting and repel moisture, water, oil, grease, acids and salts. The recycling composite is well suited for low temperatures also and it can be worked with normal tools. Kierre® material can be used to make benches, bridges, duckboards, fences, terraces or, for example, piers. At the end of life cycle of Kierre® products, they can be re-recycled as raw material for the composite and into new products.

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