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With the S-Etukortti, you’ll receive Bonus from us for the inspections of personal cars and vans, their emission measurements, condition inspections, and car accessories!


Mertajärventie 4, 57220 Savonlinna

Booking  (FI)

Opening hours


28.2.2024 Wed 08:00-16:00
29.2.2024 Thu 08:00-16:00
1.3.2024 Fri 08:00-16:00
4.3.2024 Mon 08:00-16:00
5.3.2024 Tue 08:00-16:00
6.3.2024 Wed 08:00-16:00
7.3.2024 Thu 08:00-16:00

Inspection services

Vehicles that are inspected

  • Cars, vans and quadricycles

Inspection services

  • Modification & registration inspection (max 3500 kg)
  • Periodic inspection (max 3500 kg)

Additional services

  • BG Carbon deposit removal service
  • Inspection for financial company

Cheaper “Etuaika” timeslots for inspection!
We offer cheaper vehicle inspection “Etuaika” timeslots for cars and vans for customers who book an appointment online. These times must be booked and paid for in advance online.

Cheaper Etuaika -times