Book your electric vehicle battery capacity test

Do you want to keep your EV performance at its peak or test the vehicle’s battery before making a purchase decision? A-Katsastus offers quick tests for the battery, which measures the battery capacity! Tests are carried out at three stations: Espoo-Hannuksenpelto, Turku-Uhrilähteenkatu, and Lahti-Saksala. Book your appointment now!

A-Katsastus offers quick tests for the vehicle’s driving battery, which can measure the battery capacity

Testing the battery of electric and hybrid vehicles is an important part of vehicle maintenance and ensuring its performance. The battery in an electric vehicle is the most valuable part of the entire vehicle and it is thus important to keep an eye on its’ capacity and state of health. The condition of the battery directly affects the vehicle’s range, charging speed, and performance, and consequently, its resale value.

A-Katsastus provides reliable and unbiased testing services for electric and hybrid vehicle driving batteries, which help ensure the battery’s functionality and longevity. The test is conducted through the OBD plug, and it always includes an inspection of the vehicle’s chassis for dents and potential battery damage. We assess the battery’s durability, capacity, and charging capability, and check for any faults or weaknesses. Testing the driving battery helps you make a better decision when buying a used vehicle and ensures that it has a functional and durable battery.

Both buyers and sellers of a vehicle should have accurate information about the condition of the driving battery, which can affect the vehicle’s price.

Would you like to maintain your electric vehicle’s performance or test the vehicle’s driving battery before making a purchase decision? Ask your inspector for more information and book an appointment with A-Katsastus for testing. The test takes approximately 30 minutes.

Tests can currently be performed at three locations: Espoo-Hannuksenpelto, Turku-Uhrilähteenkatu, and Lahti-Saksala.

Check the enclosed list of vehicle model for which the test can be performed (Flash test).

NB! Unfortunately, we do not currently offer battery capacity tests for Tesla vehicle’s, as Tesla’s structure and systems differ from the mainstream, and conducting the inspection requires dismantling the car’s structures and wiring harnesses.

The battery test includes inspecting the vehicle's battery from below and testing the battery's condition