Take advantage of our free additional services when purchasing

At most of our service points, you can find the most common driving accessories. When you purchase wiper blades, we can install them for you and measure and add the oil and washer fluid. For other supply needs, come and visit us when you please!

An A-Katsastus inspector inspects the windshield wiper blade.

Get new wiper blades conveniently from A-Katsastus

Our range of Bosch and Trico wiper blades are suitable for almost every car make and model. You can get your newly purchased wiper blades installed at the same time with a vehicle inspection without booking an appointment. Installation is free of charge. We recycle your old wiper blades properly.

Wiper blades
An A-Katsastus inspector holds a screenwash fluid bag.

Screenwash fluids for summer and winter

Our screenwash fluids are of high quality and ready to use. They do not contain methanol. The summer washer fluid effectively removes insects from the windshield and the winter washer fluid also works in freezing temperatures. The washer fluid will be added to the tank for you.

Windscreen washer fluids
An A-Katsastus inspector measures the engine oil level.

Checking and refilling the engine oil

Is your car low on engine oil? Our range of Valvoline oil products is suitable for most petrol or diesel engines. We can also measure and refill the oil for you when you buy it from us. Come and be served!

Engine oils
Light bulb icon

Light bulbs

We offer a selection of different kinds of light bulbs at the A-Katsastus service points that sell car equipment. We also sell light bulbs, such as Osram Xenarc® Original xenon discharge lamps that have a four-year warranty.

Light bulbs
Parking icon

Electronic parking disk

The electronic parking disk makes parking convenient and is available for purchase at A-Katsastus. It is activated automatically when the vehicle stops and switches automatically to the next half hour.

Electronic parking disk