How much does it cost to get a car inspected?

Vehicle inspections and statutory measuring

You can find service point-specific prices on the service point pages and by starting an appointment booking process. Prices vary by station and time, as well as during promotional periods, for example. There is also a limited number of cheaper vehicle inspection timeslots available online. They always require booking and paying in advance. You can recognise these timeslots by the orange colour.

Prices for vehicle inspection services

The price of a periodic inspection consists of the inspection and statutory measuring. Usually, the measuring is carried out at the inspection station, but it is possible that the measuring has been performed during a maintenance event, for example. If you have a valid certificate meant for vehicle inspection, measuring does not need to be carried out during the inspection.

A-Katsastus’ vehicle inspection for cars always includes a free check of the engine oil level and an assessment of the condition of the wiper blades.

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