When there are no more than three defects that are requested to be repaired.


When a defect or deficiency cannot be remedied by a simple procedure and the use of the vehicle endangers road safety or the environment. The issues must be fixed as soon as possible and the vehicle must be brought in for a follow-up inspection.


The vehicle inspection may have to be suspended if the vehicle, the conditions, or the equipment at the vehicle inspection station have deficiencies that make it impossible to reach a decision on the vehicle inspection at that time. In most cases the vehicle is suspended because the statutory payments of the vehicle (tax/insurance) have not been taken care of. However, at that time the technical inspection can be finished. In some cases the technical inspection cannot be accomplished fully either. The suspended inspection can be continued at the same inspection station later on.

Driving bans

An abandoned vehicle may also be subject to a driving ban when a defect or deficiency poses an immediate danger to traffic or causes significant damage to the environment. An abandoned vehicle cannot be used in traffic at all until it has been repaired and has passed a new vehicle inspection. The inspection office issues a periodic certificate stating how and at what customer-specified location the vehicle can be transported to be repaired. A vehicle that is under a driving ban must be repaired and brought back for a follow-up inspection within a month. The inspector lifts the driving ban once the vehicle passes the follow-up inspection.

Prohibition of use

A vehicle cannot be used in traffic if it has not been brought in for inspection within the specified inspection period or if the vehicle has been put under a driving ban during an inspection.

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Does the vehicle that has been put under a driving ban need to be towed to a garage?

Our inspector, Toni, explains the differences between the ban on using the vehicle and the ban on driving. (Video is in Finnish.)

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Repair requests

A repair request may be issued when the defect or deficiency can be fixed by a simple procedure and does not cause more than a small amount of harm or danger to traffic or the environment. Repair requests are entered in the registration certificate and must be carried out within a specified period. Four repair requests cause the vehicle to not pass the inspection, but in some cases, even a smaller number may cause the vehicle to not pass the inspection.

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Who supervises that the repair requests are complied with?

Our inspector, Toni, tells you about the repair requests. (Video is in Finnish.)

Ole hyvä ja hyväksy markkinointievästeet katsoaksesi videon.

I've been using the same vehicle inspection station for almost 20 years. Occasionally, my vehicle has not passed the inspection and has had to undergo a re-examination. However, the service has always been business-like, instructive and friendly.

– Inspection customer, Vantaa