Check your vehicle's last possible inspection date

The chassis of the vehicle is being investigated.
The car can be inspected at any time, but no later than the date specified for it.

It is always possible to get your vehicle inspected

The vehicle can be brought in for inspection at any time. However, the vehicle must be inspected no later than the date specified for the vehicle. You can check the last possible date of your vehicle inspection from Traficom’s online service.

The next available final date of the vehicle inspection is based on the time of the last completed vehicle inspection. This means the inspection date can be moved to a certain time of the year, if you want to do so. When the inspection has been completed, the inspection time will be at the same time of the year. The flexibility of the inspection time should also be utilised when you are buying a second-hand car. It is possible to get the car inspected at the time of purchase as well as at the time of sale. The same applies to the inspection of heavy and light quadricycles and heavy equipment.

A car scanned by a car doctor

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