Statutory measuring during booking process

Emission measurements are usually carried out during the vehicle inspection, and if you book an appointment online, they are automatically offered together with the inspection. If you are bringing a valid measuring certificate to the vehicle inspection, you can tick this option off on the appointment page which shows the prices of the services you have selected.

A-Katsastus inspector behind a car.
The periodic inspection includes the inspection of exhaust emissions for both petrol and diesel-powered cars and four-wheelers.

Emission measuring is part of the vehicle inspection

The periodic inspection includes the inspection of exhaust emissions for vehicles and four-wheelers using petrol or diesel. The purpose of this inspection is to save the environment from excessive and harmful emissions. Measuring is not performed on vehicles with two-stroke engines or vehicles that use motor kerosene as a fuel.

Measuring is performed on petrol-fuelled vehicles that were put into service in or after 1978 and on diesel-fuelled vehicles that were put into service in or after 1980. Petrol-fuelled vehicles that are less than 10 years old are subject only to an OBD check. Diesel-powered cars put into service on or after 1 September 2016 are subjected to an OBD check instead of a smoke-level measurement.

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Inspection certificate

A separate inspection certificate about the measuring may also be presented for the inspection. A certificate like this may have been obtained during a maintenance event, for example. The certificate cannot be older than 3 months and it must be intended as a certificate to be presented for inspection. In this case, the measuring is not carried out during the inspection, but the evaluation is carried out based on the certificate. If a vehicle is subject to both exhaust measuring and OBD measuring, a separate certificate needs to be provided for each.

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Is exhaust measuring mandatory?

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