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Scrap cars in a pile
Currently, approximately 95% of the materials from scrapped cars can be utilised with Kuusakoski's processes.

Help with the scrapping of your vehicle all over Finland

When the car has reached the end of its journey in terms of safety, driving characteristics and operating costs, the correct destination is Kuusakoski’s free car recycling. Kuusakoski is an official partner of Suomen Autokierrätys Oy, whose comprehensive service network comprises more than 100 reception points and car dismantling plants across Finland.

By delivering the vehicle to a Kuusakoski service network, recycling is sure to be carried out in accordance with the regulations

  • The vehicle will be removed from the register of the Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Traficom)
  • The owner receives an official certificate for the scrapping
  • The owner’s liability for the vehicle (vehicle tax, insurance) ends with the scrapping certificate
  • The vehicle is recycled for use in accordance with environmental regulations

You can visit an A-Katsastus service point where you will be assisted in submitting a notification. (We charge a service fee of €10 for visiting the office.) You can find the nearest service point offering registrations via booking system or use the service point search.


You can also submit the notification yourself (via the Kuusakoski online service in Finnish)

The Kuusakoski online service provides more detailed information on how to make a recycling notification, how to prepare for the pickup of the car, when the car is picked up and how it is recycled.


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How can I order my car to be picked up for scrapping?

An informational video series by A-Katsastus provides more information about scrapping a vehicle. (Video is in Finnish.)

Ole hyvä ja hyväksy markkinointievästeet katsoaksesi videon.

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Free pick-up for a scrap car (Kuusakoski Recycling)

Ole hyvä ja hyväksy markkinointievästeet katsoaksesi videon.