Book an appointment for the BG Carbon deposit removal service

You can make an appointment for the BG Carbon removal service through the inspection service appointment booking online or nationwide appointment booking number. Carbon removal service is handled quickly even without having an appointment.

BG carbon deposit remover is added to the vehicle tank.
Fuel engines accumulate deposits while driving. It can be removed by using the BG carbon removal process.

BG Carbon deposit removal service

A cleaner engine is more powerful and makes the car more economical! Several of our service points offer a BG Carbon deposit removal service for both petrol and diesel fuelled engines. The fuel system cleaners remove fuel consuming deposits with one professional product. They significantly increase the power of the fire event and engine, resulting in lower emissions and fuel consumption. In addition, the wear of the engine and its components is slowed down. The BG carbon removal is carried out by adding the BG product to the vehicle’s fuel tank at the inspection station. You can make an appointment for the BG carbon deposit removal through our appointment booking service. The service can also be carried out at the time of a vehicle inspection. The service only takes about 5 minutes.

Price  €44


When driving, the car feels much more efficient, accelerates much better and runs more smoothly, and the fuel consumption fell from 8.7 litres to 7.6 litres.

– Customer who has purchased the BG Carbon deposit removal service, Vantaa

BG vehicle maintenance product bottles on a shelf.
BG vehicle maintenance products can be used to clean the carbon deposits and dirt from the engine. In addition, they help to preserve the fuel contained in the equipment during storage so that the equipment will function correctly when it is put back into service.

BG Vehicle maintenance products

BG Supercharge II for petrol fuel and BG DFC Plus for Easy Treat®177 ml diesel fuel maintains engine performance and improves fuel storage durability. They are suitable for internal combustion engines such as lawnmowers, chainsaws, cars and boats. (1 bottle is enough for 150 litres of diesel and 60 litres of petrol.) NOTE! Diesel fuel maintenance is added by a professional at your inspection station. The service only takes about 5 minutes.

BG Supercharge II €27,90
BG DFC Plus Easy Treat®177 ml €24,90

I added BG to the lawnmower tank in the autumn and in the spring the mower started on the first try! Before this, restarting the lawnmower after the winter has been a battle.

– Customer who has purchased a BG maintenance product, Tuusula