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You can order a new license plate for your vehicle at our service points that handle registrations. The new licence plate should be picked up from the same place it was ordered from.

Ordering new licence plates

If your vehicle’s license plate is lost or damaged, you can order a new plate at the A-Katsastus service points that handle registrations. Using a form that can be obtained at our service points, a written report of the matter must be made by the owner or holder of the vehicle entered in the register. The form must be signed by the owner or holder of the vehicle.

The new licence plate(s) are paid for at the time of the order and can be picked up at the same service point they were ordered from. An estimate of the delivery time is provided during the ordering process. The service point will notify you by phone, text message or email when the order is available for pick-up. The notification method is agreed on at the time the new license plates are ordered.

You can find our registration service points either while making an appointment or by selecting the ”Registration services” option from the service menu in the service point search.

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Removal of licence plates because a vehicle has not been inspected

If the police have removed the licence plates because the vehicle has not been inspected, the police specify in the surveillance notice the station where the license plates have been taken. The car may be transported to the destination for inspection or repair with the written permission of the customs, police or border guard.

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What should I do if a license plate has been stolen or the police have taken the plates?

The A-Katsastus advice video will guide you through the license plate process. (Video is in Finnish.)

A-Katsastus advices – Vehicle license plates

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